Seeking a Computational Research Assistant!

The ideal candidate will operate and improve software that supports precision medicine approaches to treating heart dysfunction in a clinical setting. We are specifically seeking motivated individuals with (1) a high attention to detail, (2) programming skills, and (3) a desire to master the medical imaging, three-dimensional modeling, and software engineering skills required to deliver personalized medicine to the clinic. Qualified candidates should possess a Bachelor's degree in a technical field, intermediate programming skills in Python or an equivalent language, familiarity with Linux, and familiarity with computing in general.

This position will offer the opportunity to cultivate a wide variety of practical, domain-specific experience in cardiology and medical imaging along with software engineering and data science skills that apply to wide range of big data problems in medicine. Interested candidates should apply via the jobs portal.

We are seeking a new member to join our computational cardiology team, as we develop and translate to the clinic new diagnostic and treatment approaches based on computational modeling.